Matthews Asia Small Companies Fund

Portfolio Holdings: 12/31/2018

Security Country Sector Shares Value
SUNeVision Holdings, Ltd. China/Hong Kong Information Technology 10,683,000 6,339,122
PT Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional Indonesia Financials 25,182,200 6,024,115
Vitasoy International Holdings, Ltd. China/Hong Kong Consumer Staples 1,378,000 5,245,599
Silergy Corp. China/Hong Kong Information Technology 331,000 4,900,865
BBI Life Sciences Corp. China/Hong Kong Health Care 15,931,500 4,670,400
GRUH Finance, Ltd. India Financials 978,552 4,425,838
Yeah1 Group Corp. Vietnam Communication Services 421,320 4,268,601
Merck, Ltd. India Health Care 90,692 3,993,464
Precision Tsugami China Corp., Ltd. China/Hong Kong Industrials 4,256,000 3,881,206
Sunny Friend Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Taiwan Industrials 568,000 3,768,936
Shanghai Haohai Biological Technology Co., Ltd. H Shares China/Hong Kong Health Care 751,100 3,735,770
Chief Telecom, Inc. Taiwan Communication Services 677,000 3,345,210
AIA Engineering, Ltd. India Industrials 136,454 3,275,075
Saigon Cargo Service Corp. Vietnam Industrials 524,060 3,268,521
Yihai International Holding, Ltd. China/Hong Kong Consumer Staples 1,339,000 3,259,289
Douzone Bizon Co., Ltd. South Korea Information Technology 69,745 3,250,160
PT BFI Finance Indonesia Indonesia Financials 69,940,700 3,234,393
Times China Holdings, Ltd. China/Hong Kong Real Estate 2,886,000 3,203,043
FPT Digital Retail JSC Vietnam Consumer Discretionary 1,027,390 3,184,710
Wise Talent Information Technology Co., Ltd. China/Hong Kong Communication Services 841,600 3,116,838
Rich Sport Public Co., Ltd. Thailand Consumer Discretionary 27,098,300 3,114,082
Great Tree Pharmacy Co., Ltd. Taiwan Consumer Staples 1,577,414 3,094,983
China Yuhua Education Corp., Ltd. China/Hong Kong Consumer Discretionary 7,558,000 3,063,401
Cosmecca Korea Co., Ltd. South Korea Consumer Staples 102,259 2,998,576
Kingdee International Software Group Co., Ltd. China/Hong Kong Information Technology 3,384,000 2,991,766
PT Arwana Citramulia Indonesia Industrials 101,227,300 2,959,852
SITC International Holdings Co., Ltd. China/Hong Kong Industrials 3,132,000 2,952,175
Syngene International, Ltd. India Health Care 356,897 2,868,819
NIIT Technologies, Ltd. India Information Technology 173,867 2,861,252
KS Terminals, Inc. Taiwan Industrials 1,988,000 2,830,638
Plan B Media Public Co., Ltd. F Shares Thailand Communication Services 14,691,700 2,773,943
Honma Golf, Ltd. Japan Consumer Discretionary 2,406,000 2,769,864
TK Group Holdings, Ltd. China/Hong Kong Industrials 5,102,000 2,763,798
Global PMX Co., Ltd. Taiwan Consumer Discretionary 767,000 2,733,478
Natco Pharma, Ltd. India Health Care 280,240 2,728,353
Microport Scientific Corp. China/Hong Kong Health Care 2,728,000 2,686,674
Nam Long Investment Corp. Vietnam Real Estate 2,402,294 2,682,407
Advanced Ceramic X Corp. Taiwan Information Technology 335,000 2,681,674
ITEQ Corp. Taiwan Information Technology 1,621,000 2,667,130
Gabriel India, Ltd. India Consumer Discretionary 1,310,276 2,663,714
Galaxy Surfactants, Ltd. India Materials 151,046 2,649,016
BeiGene, Ltd. China/Hong Kong Health Care 246,879 2,637,643
D&O Green Technologies BHD Malaysia Information Technology 14,747,500 2,549,853
Tongyang Pile, Inc. South Korea Materials 561,078 2,529,078
Delfi, Ltd. Singapore Consumer Staples 2,611,400 2,509,199
Humanica Public Co., Ltd. Thailand Information Technology 8,559,900 2,463,841
Bursa Malaysia BHD Malaysia Financials 1,483,000 2,452,108
Cafe24 Corp. South Korea Information Technology 24,788 2,444,298
TOA Paint Thailand Public Co., Ltd. Thailand Materials 2,311,600 2,362,071
Incross Co., Ltd. South Korea Communication Services 164,781 2,338,892
Taiwan Paiho, Ltd. Taiwan Consumer Discretionary 1,434,000 2,319,815
Huifu Payment, Ltd. China/Hong Kong Information Technology 5,615,200 2,312,988
HIM International Music, Inc. Taiwan Communication Services 818,050 2,306,878
Philippine Seven Corp. Philippines Consumer Staples 963,791 2,272,703
OZ Minerals, Ltd. Australia Materials 357,435 2,216,045
Ho Chi Minh City Securities Corp. Vietnam Financials 1,033,270 2,090,014
AP Thailand Public Co., Ltd. Thailand Real Estate 11,203,100 2,082,068
Value Added Technology Co., Ltd. South Korea Health Care 105,537 2,048,857
China Aviation Oil Singapore Corp., Ltd. China/Hong Kong Energy 2,606,200 2,032,016
Hy-Lok Corp. South Korea Industrials 128,309 1,893,505
CKD Corp. Japan Industrials 212,700 1,799,571
Bilibili, Inc. ADR China/Hong Kong Communication Services 107,200 1,564,048
Knowles Corp. United States Information Technology 99,400 1,323,014
Karex BHD Malaysia Consumer Staples 10,820,825 1,229,913
Baozun, Inc. ADR China/Hong Kong Consumer Discretionary 41,400 1,209,294
Genscript Biotech Corp. China/Hong Kong Health Care 858,000 1,148,524
Kuobrothers Corp. Taiwan Consumer Discretionary 517,000 835,676
DCB Bank, Ltd. India Financials 217,784 527,412
Net Cash n.a. -7,035,652

The portfolio data is for information only. It does not constitute a recommendation or an offer for a particular security or fund, nor should it be taken as a solicitation or a recommendation to buy or sell securities or other investments.

Portfolio holdings are subject to change without notice and may not represent current or future portfolio composition.

Unlike the Fund’s regulatory filings, the portfolio data and its presentation in this document are not required to conform to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) presentation requirements. Therefore, it differs from that in the complete statement of investments in the annual and semiannual report to shareholders filed with the SEC on Form N-CSR, and the complete statement of investments provided in the first and third quarter SEC Form N-Q filings for each fiscal year.

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