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For investors seeking growth and diversification, Asia presents a uniquely compelling opportunity. Our range of country-specific to pan-regional and global emerging markets investment solutions provide diverse exposure across sectors, themes and market capitalization.

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Matthews Asia recognizes that no two portfolios are alike. Our investment solutions address different asset allocation needs and offer multiple ways to access growth opportunities in Asia and broader emerging markets. With Matthews Asia, investors can tap into the power of Asia’s vibrant growth via a range of specialized strategies—all driven by an active, fundamental approach.

Emerging Markets—Active Management Unlocks Opportunity

Investing in emerging markets is about looking forward. Representing nearly 80% of global growth and access to a huge and growing middle class, emerging markets equities can offer investors the biggest potential for long-term growth. As active bottom-up investors, we see three structural growth drivers shaping new opportunities: trade, innovation, and sustainability.

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Emerging markets, including Asia are at the epicenter of many of the world’s most important sustainability challenges, from environmental issues to social inclusion and economic development.

For investors seeking sustainable solutions, these challenges also provide a unique investment opportunity, with emerging markets now home to companies that are addressing these issues by providing both innovative and scalable solutions.

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Eight Investment Ideas for 2023

Investors today face challenges: economic headwinds, inflation, and market volatility to name a few. Our portfolio managers have navigated these environments many times and they continue to seek opportunities. Here are eight ideas to help you navigate today’s volatile markets.

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Our investment strategies provide diverse exposure across sectors, themes and market capitalization to capitalize on some of the newest and most-compelling long-term opportunities we see in the market. Explore key characteristics of our Funds, including objectives and performance to find the fund that's right for your portfolio.