Matthews China Dividend Fund

Portfolio Holdings: 6/30/2018

This portfolio data should not be relied upon as a complete listing of this Fund's holdings, as information on a particular holding may be withheld if it is in the Fund's best interest to do so.

Security Sector Shares Value
Tencent Holdings, Ltd. Information Technology 317,000 15,918,283
HKBN, Ltd. Telecom Services 8,090,457 12,445,177
China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. H Shares Energy 13,328,000 11,930,125
Postal Savings Bank of China Co., Ltd. H Shares Financials 17,072,000 11,082,475
HSBC Holdings PLC Financials 1,146,400 10,725,731
Altaba, Inc. Information Technology 135,500 9,919,955
Hua Hong Semiconductor, Ltd. Information Technology 2,677,000 9,149,655
Guangdong Provincial Expressway Development Co., Ltd. B Shares Industrials 11,565,121 9,130,596
Sun Art Retail Group, Ltd. Consumer Staples 6,892,000 8,991,111
Bank of China, Ltd. H Shares Financials 17,925,000 8,889,453
China Mobile, Ltd. ADR Telecom Services 181,430 8,053,678
China Resources Power Holdings Co., Ltd. Utilities 4,518,000 7,940,020
NetEase, Inc. ADR Information Technology 29,100 7,352,697
WH Group, Ltd. Consumer Staples 9,073,000 7,341,751
Shanghai Baosight Software Co., Ltd. B Shares Information Technology 3,849,918 7,282,624
CITIC Telecom International Holdings, Ltd. Telecom Services 26,581,000 6,965,553
CapitaLand Retail China Trust, REIT Real Estate 6,223,100 6,936,676
CNOOC, Ltd. Energy 4,048,000 6,936,432
Shanghai Jin Jiang International Hotels Group Co., Ltd. H Shares Consumer Discretionary 16,990,000 6,867,091
Sun Hung Kai Properties, Ltd. Real Estate 447,000 6,734,474
Ping An Insurance Group Co. of China, Ltd. H Shares Financials 722,000 6,611,841
Xiamen International Airport Co., Ltd. A Shares Industrials 2,117,010 6,579,593
China International Capital Corp., Ltd. H Shares Financials 3,646,000 6,463,628
Greatview Aseptic Packaging Co., Ltd. Materials 10,610,000 6,329,000
Nissin Foods Co., Ltd. Consumer Staples 10,830,000 6,282,452
Fanhua, Inc. ADR Financials 211,000 6,013,500
Universal Medical Financial & Technical Advisory Services Co., Ltd. Health Care 7,541,000 5,990,781
A-Living Services Co., Ltd. H Shares Industrials 3,010,250 5,501,593
China Maple Leaf Educational Systems, Ltd. Consumer Discretionary 3,016,000 5,415,895
Sunny Friend Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Industrials 758,000 5,339,183
China Gas Holdings, Ltd. Utilities 1,303,000 5,223,983
Nan Liu Enterprise Co., Ltd. Consumer Discretionary 887,000 5,033,078
Chlitina Holding, Ltd. Consumer Staples 516,000 5,017,070
Dah Sing Financial Holdings, Ltd. Financials 849,600 4,954,317
CPMC Holdings, Ltd. Materials 7,928,000 4,886,643
Tianjin Zhongxin Pharmaceutical Group Corp., Ltd. S Shares Health Care 4,583,800 4,802,232
SITC International Holdings Co., Ltd. Industrials 4,173,000 4,648,921
Sinopec Kantons Holdings, Ltd. Energy 9,790,000 4,616,542
SUNeVision Holdings, Ltd. Information Technology 7,712,000 4,556,328
Shanghai Mechanical and Electrical Industry Co., Ltd. B Shares Industrials 2,456,659 4,501,857
Shanghai Bailian Group Co., Ltd. B Shares Consumer Staples 3,839,821 4,393,431
Xiabuxiabu Catering Management China Holdings Co., Ltd. Consumer Discretionary 1,962,500 4,285,450
Heilan Home Co., Ltd. A Shares Consumer Discretionary 2,040,888 3,911,823
Chongqing Brewery Co., Ltd. A Shares Consumer Staples 898,018 3,743,787
Crystal International Group, Ltd. Consumer Discretionary 5,330,500 3,706,681
Heilan Home Co., Ltd. A Shares Consumer Discretionary 1,841,024 3,524,084
Guangshen Railway Co., Ltd. H Shares Industrials 6,096,000 3,425,941
China Aviation Oil Singapore Corp., Ltd. Energy 2,938,500 3,186,591
China National Accord Medicines Corp., Ltd. B Shares Health Care 777,833 3,114,068
Shanghai Haohai Biological Technology Co., Ltd. H Shares Health Care 491,400 3,066,769
BBI Life Sciences Corp. Health Care 7,221,000 2,880,587
Sporton International, Inc. Industrials 364,430 1,767,284
Guangshen Railway Co., Ltd. ADR Industrials 14,400 404,928
Net Cash n.a. 13,380,079

The portfolio data is for information only. It does not constitute a recommendation or an offer for a particular security or fund, nor should it be taken as a solicitation or a recommendation to buy or sell securities or other investments.

Portfolio holdings are subject to change without notice and may not represent current or future portfolio composition.

Unlike the Fund’s regulatory filings, the portfolio data and its presentation in this document are not required to conform to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) presentation requirements. Therefore, it differs from that in the complete statement of investments in the annual and semiannual report to shareholders filed with the SEC on Form N-CSR, and the complete statement of investments provided in the first and third quarter SEC Form N-Q filings for each fiscal year.

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