Matthews Asia ESG Fund

Portfolio Holdings: 3/31/2018

Security Country Sector Shares Value
Samsung SDI Co., Ltd., Pfd. South Korea Information Technology 13,768 1,109,910
Wuxi Biologics Cayman, Inc. China/Hong Kong Health Care 73,500 715,309
Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd. A Shares China/Hong Kong Consumer Staples 151,800 681,113
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Taiwan Information Technology 79,000 669,146
BRAC Bank, Ltd. Bangladesh Financials 561,638 654,565
Shriram City Union Finance, Ltd. India Financials 19,894 653,840
PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Persero Indonesia Financials 2,460,100 645,628
Fuji Seal International, Inc. Japan Materials 14,600 582,220, Inc. ADR China/Hong Kong Consumer Discretionary 13,500 546,615
Mahindra & Mahindra, Ltd. India Consumer Discretionary 46,002 523,830
Total Access Communication Public Co., Ltd. NVDR Thailand Telecom Services 330,000 475,346
Hanon Systems South Korea Consumer Discretionary 40,255 438,653
Tsukui Corp. Japan Health Care 55,100 427,112
Sohgo Security Services Co., Ltd. Japan Industrials 8,500 417,720
Lupin, Ltd. India Health Care 36,420 413,005
Puregold Price Club, Inc. Philippines Consumer Staples 400,230 404,104
MTR Corp., Ltd. China/Hong Kong Industrials 73,500 396,764
CSPC Pharmaceutical Group, Ltd. China/Hong Kong Health Care 144,000 388,154
Daikin Industries, Ltd. Japan Industrials 3,400 377,717
Bharat Financial Inclusion, Ltd. India Financials 21,869 370,458
Nam Long Investment Corp. Vietnam Real Estate 230,280 368,650
HKBN, Ltd. China/Hong Kong Telecom Services 301,000 355,634
KT Skylife Co., Ltd. South Korea Consumer Discretionary 30,609 351,563
Zhen Ding Technology Holding, Ltd. Taiwan Information Technology 138,000 333,477
iMarketKorea, Inc. South Korea Industrials 34,262 323,070
Sitronix Technology Corp. Taiwan Information Technology 101,000 302,484
Delfi, Ltd. Singapore Consumer Staples 261,900 293,630
China Conch Venture Holdings, Ltd. China/Hong Kong Industrials 95,000 291,522
IndusInd Bank, Ltd. India Financials 10,492 291,066
Ain Holdings, Inc. Japan Consumer Staples 3,700 289,205
Sosei Group Corp. Japan Health Care 3,500 286,831
Ipca Laboratories, Ltd. India Health Care 27,668 279,157
Power Grid Corp. of India, Ltd. India Utilities 90,859 270,755
Haier Electronics Group Co., Ltd. China/Hong Kong Consumer Discretionary 74,000 265,302
SATS, Ltd. Singapore Industrials 65,200 256,216
Abbott Laboratories Pakistan, Ltd. Pakistan Health Care 40,700 248,644
Square Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. Bangladesh Health Care 63,214 235,049
Tehmag Foods Corp. Taiwan Consumer Staples 29,100 229,021
GrameenPhone, Ltd. Bangladesh Telecom Services 40,983 227,316
AIA Group, Ltd. China/Hong Kong Financials 26,400 225,685
Raffles Medical Group, Ltd. Singapore Health Care 255,800 225,167
Koa Corp. Japan Information Technology 10,800 224,479
Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing, Ltd. China/Hong Kong Financials 6,800 223,972
DGB Financial Group, Inc. South Korea Financials 20,296 223,444
Bunka Shutter Co., Ltd. Japan Industrials 22,500 220,201
PT Arwana Citramulia Indonesia Industrials 8,739,500 203,133
Guangdong Investment, Ltd. China/Hong Kong Utilities 128,000 202,786
Sporton International, Inc. Taiwan Industrials 36,429 201,862
Merry Electronics Co., Ltd. Taiwan Information Technology 33,000 192,707
Merida Industry Co., Ltd. Taiwan Consumer Discretionary 39,000 185,040
Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Japan Consumer Discretionary 2,600 181,569
Security Bank Corp. Philippines Financials 37,580 173,820
Samjin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. South Korea Health Care 4,243 173,566
L'Occitane International SA Luxembourg Consumer Discretionary 91,750 170,224
Kasikornbank Public Co., Ltd. NVDR Thailand Financials 24,100 164,004
Beijing Urban Construction Design & Development Group Co., Ltd. H Shares China/Hong Kong Industrials 231,000 128,876
Bank Alfalah, Ltd. Pakistan Financials 276,500 126,010
Parkway Life, REIT Singapore Real Estate 56,900 121,733
PT BFI Finance Indonesia Indonesia Financials 2,000,900 116,268
Hoya Corp. Japan Health Care 2,300 116,179
Qudian, Inc. ADR China/Hong Kong Financials 8,900 104,130
Deccan Cements, Ltd. India Materials 10,857 84,732
Nam Long Investment Corp., Rights, expires 03/30/2018 Vietnam Real Estate 230,280 37,385
Net Cash n.a. 93,729

The portfolio data is for information only. It does not constitute a recommendation or an offer for a particular security or fund, nor should it be taken as a solicitation or a recommendation to buy or sell securities or other investments.

Portfolio holdings are subject to change without notice and may not represent current or future portfolio composition.

Unlike the Fund’s regulatory filings, the portfolio data and its presentation in this document are not required to conform to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) presentation requirements. Therefore, it differs from that in the complete statement of investments in the annual and semiannual report to shareholders filed with the SEC on Form N-CSR, and the complete statement of investments provided in the first and third quarter SEC Form N-Q filings for each fiscal year.

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