Emerging Markets

Positioned for Growth

With Asia as its growth engine, emerging markets offer attractive growth prospects and potential diversification benefits for your core allocation.

Emerging Markets are Leading the Way in Growth Opportunities


Emerging markets have thriving IPO markets. These companies are delivering solutions for consumers’ needs in their own markets – and around the world

Source: Bloomberg

Their Expanding Middle Class is Changing the Landscape

By 2030, 700 million people are expected to join the global middle class, making it more than half the world’s population. Most of these people will reside in emerging markets

Source: World Bank Group. There is no guarantee any estimates of projections will be realized.

As they increase their personal wealth, the emerging middle class are shifting purchases from necessities to upgrading their lifestyle


In Brazil, around 54% of internet users bought food or food products on the internet in 2020, more than double from 2018.



Wellness is a growing trend as consumers prioritize heath. Consumers in Brazil are interested in mindfulness and those in China in nutrition, with category spending projected to increase by 5-10% each year.



As populations move to urban centers, their need for transportation increases. These challenges are often met with innovative, regional solutions that may include ridesharing, carpooling, and fleet management along with traditional auto ownership.

Our portfolio managers have the investment experience and regional expertise to seek out companies that are positioned to serve these markets– and consumers around the world. They search for well-managed companies with the potential to deliver long-term outperformance. Learn how they select companies for the Matthews Emerging Markets Equity Fund.

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Emerging Market Returns

When investing in emerging markets, we think it’s important to look beyond benchmarks and choose companies that are poised for growth, no matter where they’re located. Our investment team has the experience and expertise to seek out these companies around the world.