Matthews China Discovery Active ETF

  • Seeks alpha in China’s lesser known small entrepreneurial companies
  • Invests in industries that are leveraged to China’s increasingly innovative and dynamic economy driven by fast growing domestic consumer demand
  • Tilt towards higher value-added growth sectors benefiting from innovation and capital efficiency


Inception Date


NAV YTD Return

(as of 04/16/2024)



(as of 04/16/2024)


1 Day NAV Change

(as of 04/16/2024)


Long-term capital appreciation.


Under normal circumstances, the Matthews China Discovery Active ETF seeks to achieve its investment objective by investing at least 65% of its net assets, which include borrowings for investment purposes, in the common and preferred stocks of Small Companies (defined below). The remainder of the portfolio will be comprised of other investments that facilitate the investment strategy, and Matthews expects that the remainder of the portfolio will be comprised of mid-capitalization companies. In addition, at least 80% of the Fund’s net assets, which includes borrowings for investment purposes, will be invested in the common and preferred stocks of companies located in China. China includes its administrative and other districts, such as Hong Kong. The Fund may also invest in companies located outside of China; however, the Fund may not invest in any company located outside of China if, at the time of purchase, more than 20% of the Fund’s assets are invested in companies located outside of China. The Fund is non-diversified, which means that it may invest its assets in a smaller number of issuers than a diversified fund.


Investments in Asian securities may involve risks such as social and political instability, market illiquidity, exchange-rate fluctuations, a high level of volatility and limited regulation. Investing in emerging markets involves different and greater risks, as these countries are substantially smaller, less liquid and more volatile than securities markets in more developed markets. In addition, investments in a single-country fund, which is considered a non-diversified fund, may be subject to a higher degree of market risk than diversified funds because of concentration in a specific country. The Fund is non-diversified as it concentrates its investments in small sized companies. Investing in small- and mid-size companies is more risky and volatile than investing in large companies as they may be more volatile and less liquid than larger companies. The ETF is new with a limited history.

These and other risks associated with investing in the Fund can be found in the prospectus.

Fund Facts
Inception Date 01/10/2024
Fund Assets $2.01 million (04/16/2024)
Currency USD
Ticker MCHS
Cusip 577-125-735
Primary Exchange NASDAQ
Benchmark MSCI China Small Cap Index
Geographic Focus China - China includes its administrative and other districts, such as Hong Kong
Fees & Expenses
Gross Expense Ratio 0.99%
Net Expense Ratio 0.89%

NAV & Market Price

(as of 04/16/2024)
NAV $25.14
NAV Change -0.52
Market Price $25.22
Market Price Change -0.30
Day's Trading Volume n.a.
Median BID/ASK Spread (30 Day) 0.39% (as of 04/16/2024)
Premium Discount +0.31%
Number of days at Premium/Discount
Q2 Q1
Premium 9 49
Discount 3 5

The NAV of an ETF represents the value of all the securities held by the ETF such as shares or bonds and cash minus any liabilities such as Total Expense Ratio (TER), and divided by the number of shares outstanding. An ETF’s market price is the price at which investors can buy or sell an ETF on an exchange. This price may deviate from the NAV of the ETF depending on demand for and supply for the ETF at a point in time.

The Premium/Discount chart shows the difference between the daily market price of the Fund’s shares and the Fund’s net asset value (“NAV”). The daily market price is calculated using the mid-point between the highest bid and the lowest offer on the listing exchange, as of the time that the Fund’s NAV is calculated (usually 4:00 pm Eastern time). The vertical axis of the chart shows the premium or discount of the Mid-Point price as a percentage of the NAV. The horizontal axis shows the number of trading days covered by the chart, and each bar in the chart demonstrates how many days the Fund traded within the given premium/discount range. The data presented in the chart and table above represent past performance and cannot be used to predict future results.


  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
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As of 03/31/2024
Average Annual Total Returns
Name 1MO 3MO YTD 1YR 3YR 5YR 10YR Since Inception Inception Date
Matthews China Discovery Active ETF - MCHS
-1.05% n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. 1.72%
Market Price
-0.39% n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. 2.20%
MSCI China Small Cap Index
0.27% n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. -1.84%
As of 03/31/2024
Average Annual Total Returns
Name 1MO 3MO YTD 1YR 3YR 5YR 10YR Since Inception Inception Date
Matthews China Discovery Active ETF - MCHS
-1.05% n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. 1.72%
Market Price
-0.39% n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. 2.20%
MSCI China Small Cap Index
0.27% n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. -1.84%

Source: BNY Mellon Investment Servicing (US) Inc. All performance is in US$.

Year to Date and Since Inception performance with less than one year of history represents actual performance, not annualized.

Assumes reinvestment of all dividends and/or distributions before taxes. All performance quoted represents past performance and is no guarantee of future results. Investment return and principal value will fluctuate with market conditions so that when redeemed, shares may be worth more or less than their original cost. Current performance may be lower or higher than the return figures quoted. Returns would have been lower if certain of the Fund’s fees and expenses had not been waived.

Net asset value (“NAV”) returns are based on the dollar value of a single share of the ETF, calculated using the value of the underlying assets of the ETF minus its liabilities, divided by the number of shares outstanding. The NAV is typically calculated at 4:00 pm Eastern time on each business day the New York Stock Exchange is open for trading. Market returns are based on the trade price at which shares are bought and sold on the NYSE Arca, Inc. using the last share trade. Market performance does not represent the returns you would receive if you traded shares at other times. Total Return reflects the reinvestment of distributions on ex-date for NAV returns and payment date for Market Price returns. The market price of the ETF’s shares may differ significantly from their NAV during periods of market volatility.

Top 10 Holdings

(as of 04/17/2024)
Ticker Name SEDOL Market Value Shares % Net Assets
780 TONGCHENG TRAVEL HOLDINGS BGM5R25 $71,103 25,200 3.5
2367 GIANT BIOGENE HOLDING CO BNNJRV4 $68,946 12,400 3.4
921 HISENSE HOME APPLIANCES G 6391935 $67,105 18,000 3.3
002353 YANTAI JEREH OILFIELD-A BD5CMC7 $63,869 14,300 3.2
603816 JASON FURNITURE HANGZHOU BYW5R09 $61,970 13,400 3.1
3035 FARADAY TECHNOLOGY CORP. 6186045 $59,996 6,231 3.0
1910 SAMSONITE INTERNATIONAL S.A. B4Q1532 $59,628 16,800 3.0
600885 HONGFA TECHNOLOGY CO LTD- BYQDM93 $55,003 14,900 2.7
9979 GREENTOWN MANAGEMENT HOLD BKWGV13 $54,489 67,000 2.7
600803 ENN NATURAL GAS CO LTD-A BYYFJJ0 $52,169 19,700 2.6
5871 CHAILEASE HOLDING CO., LTD. B58J1S8 $47,067 9,000 2.3
BZ KANZHUN LTD - ADR BM91SH0 $46,956 2,600 2.3
3324 AURAS TECHNOLOGY CO LTD B015YP6 $45,529 2,000 2.3
300856 NANJING COSMOS CHEMICAL C BNHPGN3 $44,871 3,700 2.2
1896 MAOYAN ENTERTAINMENT BHHD4Q4 $44,312 37,200 2.2
2155 MORIMATSU INTERNATIONAL H BNKLJ40 $43,761 82,000 2.2
2423 KE HOLDINGS INC-CL A BN7SX97 $43,281 10,000 2.2
3533 LOTES CO LTD B1GJFG8 $43,068 1,000 2.1
300487 SUNRESIN NEW MATERIALS CO BHQPSB4 $43,005 6,400 2.1
YMM FULL TRUCK ALLIANCE -SPN BMD2L36 $41,572 5,499 2.1
9899 CLOUD MUSIC INC BP2TRS6 $41,535 3,500 2.1
002472 ZHEJIANG SHUANGHUAN DRIVE BP91M35 $40,234 13,900 2.0
603198 ANHUI YINGJIA DISTILLERY BYV1VH3 $39,489 4,600 2.0
1789 AK MEDICAL HOLDINGS, LTD. BFD6SZ0 $38,062 58,000 1.9
6990 SICHUAN KELUN-BIOTECH BIO BPXZ192 $37,216 2,200 1.9
603345 ANJOY FOODS GROUP CO LTD- BMXWM11 $34,830 3,100 1.7
2383 ELITE MATERIAL CO., LTD. 6316121 $34,562 3,000 1.7
1548 GENSCRIPT BIOTECH CORP. BD9Q2J2 $32,694 22,000 1.6
600529 SHANDONG PHARMACEUTICAL - BMVB2W1 $32,124 7,400 1.6
603589 ANHUI KOUZI DISTILLERY CO BYQDNL2 $30,009 5,700 1.5
1368 XTEP INTERNATIONAL HOLDIN B2RJYH8 $29,435 53,000 1.5
2192 MEDLIVE TECHNOLOGY CO LTD BN7RMD1 $27,720 29,500 1.4
1585 YADEA GROUP HOLDINGS LTD BZ04KX9 $27,414 16,000 1.4
1405 DPC DASH LTD BQXQK73 $25,718 3,900 1.3
1308 SITC INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS CO., LTD. B61X7R5 $25,162 13,000 1.3
934 SINOPEC KANTONS HOLDINGS, LTD. 6162692 $25,095 52,000 1.2
13 HUTCHMED CHINA LTD BNTDT81 $23,817 7,000 1.2
002139 SHENZHEN TOPBAND CO LTD - BD73L43 $19,622 16,200 1.0
425 MINTH GROUP, LTD. B0RJCG9 $19,181 12,000 1.0
1208 MMG, LTD. 6728793 $19,049 40,000 0.9
ZH ZHIHU INC - ADR BN2D5M4 $18,421 28,783 0.9
002557 CHACHA FOOD CO LTD-A BD5LW57 $13,172 2,900 0.7
6533 ANDES TECHNOLOGY CORP BWT3K58 $12,459 1,000 0.6
6531 AP MEMORY TECHNOLOGY CORP BWY5316 $11,813 1,000 0.6
6415 SILERGY CORP. BH4DMW9 $11,367 1,000 0.6
9996 PEIJIA MEDICAL LTD BMT7V13 $10,280 22,000 0.5
CASH CASH AND OTHERS $-15,303 -0.8
CURR CNY $29,915 1.5
TOTAL 34.0

Portfolio Breakdown (%)

(as of 03/31/2024)
  • Sector Allocation
  • Market Cap Exposure
  • China Exposure
Sector Fund Benchmark Difference
Consumer Discretionary 19.2 11.6 7.6
Industrials 17.0 13.0 4.0
Information Technology 15.6 9.9 5.7
Consumer Staples 9.3 6.6 2.7
Health Care 8.6 22.2 -13.6
Communication Services 7.6 8.7 -1.1
Real Estate 6.1 7.9 -1.8
Energy 3.7 1.5 2.2
Materials 3.5 10.3 -6.8
Utilities 2.6 3.8 -1.2
Financials 2.4 4.5 -2.1
Cash and Other Assets, Less Liabilities 4.4 0.0 4.4

Sector data based on MSCI’s revised Global Industry Classification Standards. For more details, visit

Equity market cap of issuer Fund Benchmark Difference
Mega Cap (over $25B) 0.0 0.0 0.0
Large Cap ($10B-$25B) 2.3 0.0 2.3
Mid Cap ($3B-$10B) 52.8 2.8 50.0
Small Cap (under $3B) 40.5 97.2 -56.7
Cash and Other Assets, Less Liabilities 4.4 0.0 4.4
China Exposure Portfolio Weight
Hong Kong Listed Companies 44.1
Mainland China Listed Companies 24.6
Other 21.5
Cash and Other Assets, Less Liabilities 4.4

Mainland China listed companies includes A Share and B Shares. A Shares are Mainland Chinese companies incorporated in China and listed on the Shanghai or Shenzhen exchanges, available mostly to local Chinese investors and qualified institutional investors. B Shares are mainland Chinese companies listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges, available to both Chinese and non-Chinese investors. ADRs are American Depositary Receipts and GDRs are Global Depositary Receipts. Hong Kong Listed Companies include SAR (Hong Kong) companies, China-affiliated corporations, and H Shares. SAR companies are companies that conduct business in Hong Kong and/or mainland China. China-affiliated corporations [CAC], also known as "Red Chips," are mainland China companies with partial state ownership listed in Hong Kong, and incorporated in Hong Kong. H Shares are mainland Chinese companies listed on the Hong Kong exchange but incorporated in mainland China. Other represents Chinese companies listed in other countries or non-China companies with a majority of revenue coming from China such as Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and the United States or other non-China companies.

Source: FactSet Research Systems.

Percentage values in data are rounded to the nearest tenth of one percent, so the values may not sum to 100% due to rounding. Percentage values may be derived from different data sources and may not be consistent with other Fund literature.

Portfolio Characteristics

(as of 03/31/2024)
Fund Benchmark
Number of Positions 48 241
Weighted Average Market Cap $4.1 billion $1.4 billion
Active Share 93.9 n.a.
P/E using FY1 estimates 13.1x 7.4x
P/E using FY2 estimates 11.5x 6.4x
Price/Cash Flow 11.5 4.1
Price/Book 2.4 0.6
Return On Equity 17.4 5.1
EPS Growth (3 Yr) 23.9% 7.1%

Sources: Factset Research Systems, Inc.

Portfolio Managers

Andrew  Mattock, CFA photo
Andrew Mattock, CFA

Lead Manager

Winnie  Chwang photo
Winnie Chwang

Lead Manager


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