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Sinology by Andy Rothman: China's Economic Resilience
China's economic recovery continued during the second quarter with consumer spending back strongly. But, with ongoing U.S. — China tensions likely to worsen, will it also derail China's economic recovery? Sinology explores.
Sinology by Andy Rothman: China's Post-COVID Recovery Continues
China continued its post-Covid recovery in May, with consumer spending, manufacturing and investment all bouncing back strongly. With the virus largely under control, further progress is likely, but when will a return to normal happen? 
China's economy looks to be well on its way to recovering from the coronavirus-imposed lockdown with consumer spending, manufacturing and investment bouncing back. But can we trust China's macro numbers? Sinology explores.
In response to White House pressure, the retirement fund for U.S. federal workers has postponed a decision to provide participants with the option to invest in Chinese-listed companies. Sinology answers some key questions related to this decision.
Sinology by Andy Rothman: China on the Road to Recovery
China's macro numbers for the first quarter were weak, but China appears to have brought COVID-19 under control as March data signals China is on the road to recovery. Sinology explores how China's economy could put a floor under global growth, offering opportunities for investors if China prevents a second wave of cases and continues supporting small, privately owned firms.
Sinology by Andy Rothman: Is China a Safe Haven?
When thinking about prospects for the Chinese economy through the rest of 2020, one of the most important factors is whether coronavirus remains under control. With the country's domestic-demand driven economy set to rebound, is China a safe haven?
Sinology by Andy Rothman: Coronavirus Q&A
In our latest issue of Sinology, Andy Rothman answers key questions from investors about the new coronavirus, COVID-19.
Sinology by Andy Rothman: Testimony of Andy Rothman
Testimony of Andy Rothman to the U.S. Economic and Security Review Commission Hearing on China's Quest for Capital.
Sinology by Andy Rothman: A Year of Living Less Dangerously
Macro data for 2019 should set the stage for healthy economy and stronger market sentiment in China in 2020, but is there a risk of a return to tense relations between Washington and Beijing in 2021 and beyond? 
The U.S.–China trade deal announced on Friday is disappointing. What does it mean for investors? 
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