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With our singular focus on Asia, Matthews Asia aims to be your key resource for information and perspectives on the region. Through special reports and white papers, our investment team provides important insights and analysis into recent market events, broad economic developments and topics relevant to Asia’s markets.

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Income Investing in Asia

Matthews Asia’s white paper "Income Investing in Asia" explores the benefits of equity dividend and fixed income strategies in Asia for income-seeking investors. The current environment of slower global growth, low interest rates and low to negative bond yields is prompting a search for “yield”, as investors need income options and exposure to asset classes that lower volatility and diversify their portfolios.

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ASEAN: Finding Growth in a Slowing Global Economy
September 30, 2016

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Matthews Asia presents the challenges and opportunities facing diverse Southeast Asia—a region increasingly considered the heir to China as a global export base.

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Seeking a More Efficient Fixed Income Portfolio with Asia Bonds
July 15, 2015

While Asia fixed income is often included as a sector within global bond indices and emerging market bond indices, the exposure gained through such indices is relatively small. As such, Asia fixed income is systematically underrepresented in global indices because countries in the region comparatively have less debt. At Matthews Asia, we believe investors can benefit from treating Asia fixed income as a distinct allocation; Asia fixed income can improve risk-return profiles for global fixed income investors. Matthews Asia’s white paper “Creating a More Efficient Fixed Income Portfolio with Asia Bonds” examines this changing landscape and Asia’s fixed income characteristics.

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China – Separating Fact from Fiction
February 01, 2014

As the sustainability of China’s economy continues to concern some investors, the Matthews Asia investment team have written a white paper, "China – Separating Fact from Fiction". The paper addresses some of the major economic challenges China is facing as it transitions to a more balanced structure focused on consumer spending, services and productivity. At Matthews Asia, we believe these challenges have led to many misconceptions regarding growth in China and the potential for a deeper economic slowdown.

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