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Citywire  September 01, 2019

Playing With Fire

In this Citywire article, Tiffany Hsiao, Lead Manager of the Matthews China Small Companies Fund, discusses why Chinese small caps remain an under-allocated category and how she seeks out these companies. 

The performance shown in the article are for the Matthews China Small Companies Fund, the Matthews China Fund and the Matthews China Dividend Fund represent cumulative rates of return (without fees) for the Investor share classes as of 7/31/19.

Pensions & Investments  April 17, 2019

Pensions and Investments - Quality-of-Life Mandate Driving ESG Opportunities

Vivek Tanneeru, Lead Manager for the Asia ESG strategy, explains the reasons why Asia's consumers increasingly demand products and services that will improve their quality of life. This trend may support entrepreneurs and companies that can directly address environmental, social and governance issues. He also discusses opportunities for long-term investors. 

Citywire  August 31, 2018

Winning women: The 20 top female portfolio managers in the US

To highlight the best female fund managers in the U.S., Citywire looked at the 20 women with the highest levels of risk-adjusted returns over the past three years. Ranked at number one was Matthews China Small Companies Fund Portfolio Manager Tiffany Hsiao. Tiffany grew up in Silicon Valley but has some important family connections further afield—both to the parts of the world in which she invests and to the types of companies that she selects. Read the article here.

CNBC  August 23, 2018

Here are the top-ranked female portfolio managers in the US

Matthews China Small Companies Fund Portfolio Manager Tiffany Hsiao placed first in Citywire's ranking of the top 20 female portfolio managers in the U.S. Tiffany's focus on domestic companies within China has not only generated alpha but also has helped to shield the Fund from the sell-off that hit Chinese stocks amid the trade dispute with the U.S. Reprinted here on

Federal Reserve Bank  July 30, 2018

Podcast: China's Rising Consumer Class

In this podcast, Andy Rothman, Investment Strategist for Matthews Asia, discusses the current state of Chinese domestic consumption, China's efforts to rebalance away from investment and exports towards consumption and what future growth will look like in China. 

Investments & Wealth Monitor  December 21, 2017

Global Environmental, Social, and Governance through an Asia Lens

In this Investments & Wealth Monitor magazine article, Vivek Tanneeru, Lead Manager of the Matthews Asia ESG Fund, explains why he believes that Asia represents one of the best opportunities for investors to gain exposure to companies that could make a long-term difference in terms of environmental, social and governance issues.

SupChina  March 05, 2017

Podcast: Trump and Xi Jinping: What lies ahead?

A freewheeling discussion of China policy under Trump with Matthews Asia Investment Strategist Andy Rothman. The discussion covered how the presidency of Donald Trump will affect trade, politics, the international order, currency policies, and several other sides of the American relationship with China.

Money, Riches & Wealth  February 01, 2017

Podcast: Thoughts on Asia as a Whole and China in Particular

In this podcast, Matthews Asia Investment Strategist Andy Rothman shares his views on what the election results may mean for China. Andy will also explain how China has rebalanced its economy away from a focus on exports to become the world's best consumer story.

SupChina  October 12, 2016

Podcast: Why China Bears are Wrong: An Interview with Andy Rothman

In this podcast, Matthews Asia Investment Strategist Andy Rothman shares his views on everything from the rebalancing of the Chinese economy to debt, the property bubble, the consumer story and politics.

CNBC  January 04, 2016

Video: China Selloff Not a Sign of a Worsening Economy

In this CNBC video, Andy Rothman, Investment Strategist, tempers fears on what the recent selloff means for China’s economy.

WealthTrack  December 11, 2015

Video: Rothman: Perspective on China

Understanding China. Is the world’s second-largest economy in serious trouble or just experiencing growing pains? Perspective from experienced China hand, Andy Rothman, Investment Strategist at Asia focused mutual fund pioneer, Matthews Asia.

CNBC Power Lunch  July 10, 2015

Video: Andy Rothman on China's Equity Markets

In this edition of CNBC Power Lunch, Andy Rothman, Investment Strategist, discusses the recent decline in Chinese stocks and the impact on China’s economy.