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Asia Snapshot: Postcard from Korea
Koreans now embrace a notable level of civic activism for such a young democracy. This should bode well for the future of improved reforms in terms of corporate governance and transparency.
With investment growth accelerating and private consumption well-supported by overseas remittances, the Philippines is finding itself in something of sweet spot now. Consumer confidence is high while household leverage is low, but some constraints still remain.
Asia Snapshot: Postcard from ASEAN
Several measures are under way to improve ASEAN’s infrastructure and transportation woes.
What has enabled Shenzhen—a sleepy fishing village just 30 years ago—to become the “Silicon Valley of China,” now with a population of roughly 12 million?
Is the election of Donald Trump the latest example of a global trend in demagoguery to sweep the world? How can we make sense of the recent shifts in political power, and will Asia follow suit?
Asia Snapshot: The Limits of Leisure
A significant portion of South Korean youth appear to be spending a worrying amount of time playing video games. With rising numbers of students failing to graduate from school, in part because of video game addiction, the government has begun a variety of measures to safeguard its human capital.
Thousands of U.K. primary schools have begun using a math education approach borrowed from China’s school system. In our research of educational companies, this appears to be just one example of a trend in global assimilation of educational styles.
Thailand continues to mourn the loss of the only monarch most had ever known. With this passing, how may governance and markets be impacted?
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