Missing the Opportunity

Are your international investments missing something? Learn why investors might consider holding a dedicated allocation to Asia.

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Asia Stands Apart

While the rest of the world continues to struggle with low levels of economic growth,
Asia stands apart

Projected GDP growth in 2021
Projected GDP Growth in 2021 Chart
Asia will account for:
Asia GDP Growth by 2050 Chart Asia Population Growth by 2050 chart Middle Class Spending in Asia by 2050 Chart
Missing the opportunity

Too little Asia

Exposure to Asia has typically come from benchmarks which underrepresent the region

Projected GDP Growth in 2021 Chart Projected GDP Growth in 2021 Chart Projected GDP Growth in 2021 Chart

Source:, February 13, 2020

One percent Mutual fund market dedicated to Asia

The wrong kind of Asia

Projected GDP Growth in 2021 Chart
The right kind of Asia

Consumer spending

Rising consumption rates across Asia are expected to lead to a sharp increase in discretionary spending on non-essential purchases

Projected GDP Growth in 2021 Chart
Asia GDP Growth by 2050 Chart


Asia is expected to experience a sharp increase in health care spending, with countries like India leading the pack

Asia Pacific Healthcare Spending Chart
India Healthcare Spending Chart


Rising personal wealth and spending on leisure are increasing intra Asia travel


Japan Travel Map Chart
Japan Travel Numbers Chart


Smartphone ownership is on the rise across the continent, leading to a huge opportunity for tech-related industries

Asia Pacific Region

Internet Users Owning Smartphone Chart
E-Commerce APAC Chart

Discover the power of Asia

At Matthews Asia, we believe that many investors are under-allocated to the region and are therefore missing out on attractive investment opportunities.

For 30 years, we have pursued an active, fundamental approach to investing in Asia, resulting in portfolios with an average active share of 85% and holdings that we believe represent a better exposure to the future growth of the region.

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