More than Modi—The Case for Indian Equities

The Indian equity market was one of the world’s strongest performers in 2014. But, so far this year, performance hasn’t been as spectacular. While the vision that Prime Minister Modi has for India is positive, expectations have run ahead of execution. So does the investment case for allocating to India’s equity market still hold?

In our view, successful investing in this market is not about following the political or economic twists and turns—it’s about discovering growing companies across the market cap spectrum that can thrive. For patient, long-term investors, India still represents an attractive investment opportunity. It’s about the micro, not the macro.

Asia Insight: India’s Structural Challenges

Asia Insight June 2015
India's Structural Challenges 

India is in need of sweeping reforms in order to realize the full power of its entrepreneurial talent and to ensure social improvements for its poor and middle class. Despite some encouraging efforts, the Modi government may need significant time to carry out such reforms, as its many public institutions are still a far cry from being considered inclusive—meaning they lack such attributes as well-defined property ownership rights, flexible labor policies and all-encompassing political representation. Asia Insight explains the historical origins of India’s institutions in examining the challenges still ahead.


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