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Robert Horrocks, PhD

CIO and Portfolio Manager

Do you see Volatility or Opportunity?

Robert Horrocks, CIO, PhD, discusses pockets of opportunity during weak moments in the market.

At Matthews Asia, we believe the market's volatility offers investment opportunities. For over 25 years, we've been dedicated to investing in Asia — through different market cycles — helping investors better understand, and withstand, the region's volatility and to benefit from Asia's growth over the long term.


There has been much concern over market turmoil recently, which begs the question: how do investors deal with volatility?


Matthews Asia Portfolio Manager Sharat Shroff, CFA, shares his views on pockets of opportunity during weak moments in the market.


Learn more about the Matthews Asian Growth and Income Fund's philosophy and how to get exposure to what we believe to be some of the highest quality companies in one of the highest growth regions globally while attempting to mitigate risk through market cycles.

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