Investment Philosophy

At Matthews, we believe in the long-term growth of Asia. Since 1991, we have focused our efforts and expertise within the region, investing through a variety of market environments. As an independent, privately owned firm, Matthews is the largest dedicated Asia-only investment specialist in the United States. Our investment offerings provide a broad range of choices for building a global portfolio that includes exposure to one of the world’s fastest-growing regions. As of March 31, 2020, Matthews Asia had US$19.8 billion in assets under management.

Our Approach to Investing in Asia


Active management

We believe many of the region’s widely used indices are backward looking and are not representative of the industries and companies that will be successful in the future. We look to invest in companies whose potential has yet to be fully recognized by the market.


Long-term focus on Asia

We believe a long-term approach is the most effective way to capitalize on Asia’s evolution. Matthews has been investing in Asia since 1991 and we draw on our experience to identify companies that stand to benefit from the growth and development of markets throughout the region.


Bottom-up research

We employ a fundamental, bottom-up investment process that seeks to identify companies with sustainable long-term growth prospects, strong business models, quality management teams and reasonable valuations. This research process involves more than 2,600 company meetings each year.  

Defining Asia investment strategies

We strive to provide investors a range of Asia strategies across the risk-reward spectrum and launch new strategies when there are compelling investment opportunities in the region.