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Matthews Asia Portfolio Manager Robert Harvey, CFA, offers his on-the-ground observation following a recent trip to Myanmar.
Asia Weekly: Race for Inclusion
Index provider MSCI recently decided not to include Chinese A shares in its annual review for its emerging markets index. Pakistan and Vietnam are two other markets clamoring to be part of the same index. Since when did the label of “emerging market” become so coveted among Asian governments and regulators? 
Asia Weekly: China Market Update
China’s equity markets have steadily declined for weeks, raising a torrent of questions and concerns. Given that China accounts for more global growth than the U.S., Europe and Japan combined, this week Andy Rothman, Investment Strategist at Matthews Asia, answers some of your most pressing questions.
Many infrastructure projects in India are mired in the approval process due to issues with regulatory clearance, unavailability of raw materials, and such factors as fuel supply problems. Fortunately, a government organization known as the Project Monitoring Group, has made some headway in creating better efficiencies through transparency online.
Asia Weekly: Postcard from India
India’s rainfall outlook: the most critical global weather forecast
China’s latest market rally looks similar in some respects to that of 2007. But where does the comparison end?
Over the past decade, conspicuous consumption has been seen across China and Hong Kong, emerging as a natural by-product of an economy experiencing rapidly rising levels of affluence. Across China, there have been stories of unbelievable extravagance, from diamond-studded smartphone cases to gold-plated sport cars and replicas of homes that resemble the White House. However, these days of excessive spending in China may already have waned. Asia Weekly explores.
Research Analyst Colin Dishington contrasts two opposing experiences as a business traveler through various Asia airports. What can a study of airports reveal about a country’s expertise over infrastructure? 
Comic entertainment in China is taking some turns. But exactly what topics one can poke fun at is still a bit murky in this authoritarian state. Is China ready for political satire? Asia Weekly explores.
While certain long-standing cultural biases will take time to change, there are attempts in South Korea for reforms to improve labor, simplify corporate structures and ultimately improve governance. 
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