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Asia Weekly: Laos Powering Up
Listed among the United Nation’s least-developed countries, Laos has been making strides to expand economically. The small communist nation is now courting more neighboring energy importers for its hydro-generated electricity.
With President Park Geun-hye leading the way, South Korea has received the domestic investment boost it’s needed. This week, Portfolio Manager Michael Han explains what has led to the improvement of Korea’s corporate governance and why he’s optimistic about its future.
The annual “spring offensive,” or wage negotiations, are currently underway in Japan. Though base wage increases may be slowing from last year, the outlook for bonus payments is more positive. This week Portfolio Manager Kenichi Amaki takes a closer look at wage figures. 
Can joint North-South projects on the Korean peninsula, such as the Kaesong Industrial Complex, lead to further cooperation and economic development between the two sides? 
During the first decade of her political career, Taiwan’s President-elect Tsai Ing-wen essentially maintained bipartisanship between the pro-unification Kuomintang (KMT) party and its rival Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). But now her election win to Taiwan’s top post sends a strong message to Beijing that cross-strait affairs may not be as smooth as they have been under KMT rule.
Why is it tough to rely on the usual screening metrics when it comes to China’s A-share market? Research Analyst Hardy Zhu offers an in-depth analysis. 
When searching for arguments supporting the rationale for market stabilization, it is interesting to draw parallels with other periods of market stress. Asia Weekly explores.
There are frictions within China’s economy—a high debt load in parts of the corporate sector and just those parts that are markedly slowing—the commodities and industrial sectors. Elsewhere in the region, Southeast Asia is suffering from a downturn in the credit cycle and pressures on currencies. Australia suffers the impact of slowing demand for raw materials. But when one puts all of these under the microscope, they seem less serious than headlines suggest.
Asia Weekly: Cashless in Beijing
How far can you get in urban China carrying just plastic and e-wallet mobile apps? AsiaWeekly explores.
The latest GDP figures of 7.3% year-over-year in India indicate growth is outpacing that of China, and affirms its spot as one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. This week Portfolio Manager Sunil Asnani discusses five ways in which India’s evolution is unique compared to the rest of the developing world. 
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