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Indonesia’s pursuit of increased taxes to fund its deficit, which is constitutionally capped at 3% of GDP, has caused disruptions in consumer and business activity. What else could be impacted as a result?
A significant number of American workers have lost their jobs as a result of imports from other countries, including China. But building a tariff wall to block Chinese imports would not revitalize American manufacturing. 
Nearly all job postings from Chinese financial institutions require applicants to be men under age 35—allowing discriminatory hiring practices that are illegal in most modern Western countries. How long can China afford to continue with such unfair hiring? Asia Weekly explores.
Asia Weekly: "Like Us" in Asia
In Bangkok, you can now lock and unlock your hotel room with a mobile app. Matthews Asia’s Director of Technology shares his observations on what’s new about mobile media usage in Asia.
Asia Weekly: Couture Chinoise
Just a few decades ago, a challenge to becoming a fashion designer in China was that most people equated that to being a seamstress. But in China’s burgeoning world of fashion, local designers now seek to replace the mantra of “Made in China” with “Designed in China.”
China’s plan to overhaul its power system is a comforting reminder that even in a slowing economy, it still seeks opportunities to make long-term reforms.
Newly elected Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has clinched a victory on a platform around a tough approach to crime and corruption. But is his presidency a tail risk to the market?
Thailand’s rapidly greying society discourages some investors. But while its population trend may necessitate a restructuring of its economy, some short- and long-term policies can improve the country’s basic infrastructure and more quickly foster the right environment to accommodate a more sustainable governance system.
Asia Weekly: Laos Powering Up
Listed among the United Nation’s least-developed countries, Laos has been making strides to expand economically. The small communist nation is now courting more neighboring energy importers for its hydro-generated electricity.
With President Park Geun-hye leading the way, South Korea has received the domestic investment boost it’s needed. This week, Portfolio Manager Michael Han explains what has led to the improvement of Korea’s corporate governance and why he’s optimistic about its future.
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