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Thailand continues to mourn the loss of the only monarch most had ever known. With this passing, how may governance and markets be impacted?
Asia Weekly: Doing Our Part
Matthews Asia’s ties to the region run deep. As our firm has grown, we have sought to give back to our communities.
China’s role in the global economy is rising. Can the Philippines rekindle ties?
So, without higher prices for products or services, and wages creeping up, will corporate margins be under pressure? It may be premature to assume so.
After languishing for over 50 years until military rule, Myanmar is seeing the rewards of its democratic pivot.
Asia Weekly: Moving to Vietnam
The shift in low-end manufacturing jobs from China to Vietnam is not a new development. But what are the pitfalls and potential benefits?
Asia Weekly: India's Daughters
India has not done well to nurture and groom globally competitive athletes, so it’s not a big surprise that the second most populous country has such a poor showing at each Olympics. But this year, Rio’s Indian heroes are, quite notably, its heroines and role models. India would do well to further empower them.
China’s domestic A-share market is marked by a high level of retail participation and resulting volatility. The rotation of the market’s preferred sectors is a function of many things—slower growth prospects, already high valuations, lower risk appetite and a shift toward more defensive names in light of a slower growing economy. To be sure, this domestic Chinese market has had its challenges, but there continues to be longer-term positive developments that warrant ongoing global attention.
Construction development in China is still busy. Is it justified?
Live-streaming apps are all the rage in China, and indicative of a unique online consumer behavior trend.
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