At Matthews, we believe in the long-term growth of Asia. Since 1991, we have focused our efforts and expertise within the region, investing through a variety of market environments. As an independent, privately owned firm, Matthews is the largest dedicated Asia-only investment specialist in the United States.
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Redemption Fees

Because of the risks associated with an investment in the Funds, and so that you can better manage volatility in a Fund’s NAV, the Funds recommend that you invest in a Fund only for the long term. Short-term buying and selling of shares of the Funds may also have detrimental effects on the Funds and other shareholders. Short-term trading and market timing can disrupt the management of a Fund's investment portfolio and cause the Fund to incur costs, which are borne by non-redeeming shareholders. The Funds attempt to allocate these costs, to the extent permissible, to redeeming shareholders through the assessment of a redemption fee of 2.00% of the total redemption proceeds. This fee is payable directly to the Funds.

For these purposes, the Funds deem most sales and exchanges of Fund shares taking place within 90 calendar days after purchase to involve market timing. To determine whether the redemption fee applies, the Funds do not count the day that you purchased your shares, and first redeem the shares that you have held the longest. The redemption fee does not apply to shares purchased through reinvested dividends or capital gains. If you purchase shares through an intermediary, consult your intermediary to determine how the 90-calendar-day holding period will be applied.

A redemption fee will be assessed on any exchange of your shares from one Matthews Asia Fund to another within 90 days of purchase. In addition, following an exchange, the 90-calendar-day holding period begins anew. Occasionally, when accounts are transferred from one intermediary to another, shares may not be properly aged within the new account. If you believe you have been charged a redemption fee in error, please contact your financial intermediary or Matthews Asia Funds at 800.789.ASIA (2742).

The Funds may grant exemptions from the redemption fee where the Funds have previously received assurances (that they in their discretion deem to be appropriate in the circumstances) that transactions to be entered into by an account will not involve market timing activity. Types of accounts that may be considered for this exemption include asset allocation programs that offer automatic re-balancing; wrap-fee accounts, or similar types of accounts or programs; and certain types of 401(k) or other retirement accounts that provide default investment options. The Funds may also waive the imposition of redemption fees in cases of death; and otherwise where the Funds, in their discretion, believe it is appropriate in the circumstances.

The Funds will attempt to monitor aggregate trading activity of transactions in accounts for which an exemption has been granted to attempt to identify activity that may involve market timing. In the event that the Funds believe they have identified such activity, they will take appropriate action, which may include revoking the exemption, heightened monitoring and termination of the privilege of purchasing or exchanging shares of the Funds.

The Funds reserve the right at any time to restrict purchases or exchanges or impose conditions that are more restrictive on excessive or disruptive trading than those stated in this prospectus. The Funds reserve the right to modify or eliminate the redemption fee at any time, without notice to shareholders. You will receive notice of any material changes to the Funds’ redemption fee policies.